Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why the Breast Cancer Foundation??

I have often been asked why I chose the Breast Cancer foundation as this years Charity. I don't think we can have too much Publicity on something that can affect everyones life so dramatically. We all have a Mother, Mother in Laws, Wives, Sisters, Grandmothers, Aunties, Nieces, Cousins, friends etc that can be touched by Breast Cancer at some stage in their life. I have had it touch my family more than once. I just want people to be aware that early detection can save lifes and doing a monthly Breast check for lumps is a good way to start along with regular Mamograms. This Calendar is just another way to make people aware of Breast Cancer, to raise money to help Breast cancer Sufferers by finding a cure, or new treatments. This calendar will be ready to be launched in October, NZ Breast Cancer Month.

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mrsG said...

I didn't realise how prevelent Breast Cancer really was until a fellow associate has become this curse, the calendar is not only a sure 'fire' way to help with the research and cure for the condition but profiles women at various stages in their life knowing the consequence of not being aware that detection is the key.