Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Photo for the Calendar...

Another weekend of travelling,this trip included some flying. The next Female Firefighter is from the Eastern Fire Region of the North Island, coming from the Taradale Volunteer Fire Brigade. Taradale is part of Napier City and also close to Hastings. I flew into Napier at just after mid-day Saturday the 14th June, to lovely sunny weather and happy I hadn't decided to wear my thermals. I was met at the airport by Elissa Cairns and her children Kristen, 5 and Jay, 3. Elissa is married and a Station Officer with the Taradale Brigade. She has been in the Brigade 13 years and juggles her 2 children and a part-time job at Bunnings, with turning out for the Brigade.
While Elissa and I were at the Station being interviewed for an article in the Napier Mail, Elissa's pager went off, that was pretty much the end of the interview while she got the Appliance ready and headed off to the call. Elissa being a Station Officer was in charge of the Incident. It happened again later as we were sitting down for dinner, I ended up babysitting, while Elissa did what she joined the brigade to do. I stayed with Elissa's parents, Ian and Christine Cairns, for the Saturday Night. They have a lovely big house on a few acres in Taradale, where they run some well looked after sheep and also open as a Bed and Breakfast when called upon.
Sunday morning turned out to be another lovely day so after getting her hair done.. by Julie Thomas, Owner/Stylist of Hairapy. Makeup by Paula Burden, and some help from a couple of the boys from the Brigade, we headed off to get the next lot of photos for the Calendar.

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