Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wild Weather this weekend

I couldn't have picked a worse weekend to travel. I had rain, gale force winds, snow and did I mention rain. I guess I was pretty lucky considering most places lost power and flights were cancelled. The Fire Brigades all over the Country were busy with multiple call outs. I made it to my destination in one piece and got the photos I needed.
I was in Manunui on the weekend, it is 7km from Taumarunui in the Western Fire Region of the North Island. Susan (Sue) Burton is with the Manunui Volunteer Fire Brigade. She is 44 years and has been with the Brigade for 12 years. Sue is a Station Officer and her partner (19 years service), son (5 years service) and niece ( 2 years service) are all on the same Brigade. She has 3 children aged 24, 22 and 16 and has just recently become a Grandmother for the first time. Sue works as a Meter Reader with the local electricity department and it can be a bit hard getting to some of the calls as the meters need to be read on time. She is a real sports fanatic and plays netball, squash and soccer. She decided to join the Brigade when she was being helped by the Fire Brigade during flooding and thought it would be a great way to be able to help out others also. Sue also likes a challenge and the call outs that come her way can be that most of the time. Sue had her hair and makeup done for free by, Jo at Classique Hair Design, 47 Hakiaha St, Taumarunui. and Jackie from One 2 One, Total Beauty and Body Care, 5 Hakiaha St, Taumarunui
I stayed with the Deputy Chief, Kevin Shaw and his wife Sharon, they made me feel most welcome. The next morning we weren't sure if I was going to get to my next destination for photos but the weather had eased off a bit by morning so I was on my way.

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