Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mike Hall's Story, My Wife a Breast Cancer Victim

New Zealand Fire Service Chief Executive/National Commander Mike Hall knows the effects Breast Cancer can have on a family, first hand. In 1997 Mike's wife Susan was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had suffered from benign lumps before so thought nothing of it when she found more lumps in her breasts. Thinking it being the same as before she delayed going to the Doctor for some time. When Susan finally went in for a check up she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her Surgeon said it was one of the more virulent types. They learnt during the illness there are many different types of Breast Cancer tumour, of differing aggression. The lumps were removed but with that not being successful a mastectomy was preformed. Susan went through chemo therapy, losing her hair in the process and then onto daily radiation treatment for six weeks, causing much distress and having to also endure burning to the skin.After such intense treatment it would be safe in thinking that all the cancer would be removed. This was not to be the case for Susan, three months later after noticing some considerable pain, Susan and Mike were told the cancer had spread to her liver. The prognosis was not good, Susan was given three months to live. Susan died three weeks later on the 16th March 1998, aged 51 years, nine months after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, leaving behind a husband and two young sons 14 and 12 years. Mike was the Regional Commander of the Queensland Fire and Rescue in Australia at the time. They had been together for 22 years and Mike said he had not only lost a wife and lover but also his best friend. They had been upfront with the boys from the start and kept them advised as Susan went through the process of diagnoses and treatments, that their mother could possibly die from this disease. Mike said it will be something the three of them will never forget, and still affects them today, watching their Wife and Mother go through such a horrific time of illness and treatment and not win the battle with Breast Cancer. Mike knows from bitter experience the need for early diagnosis and treatment, and therefore the importance of self screening and regular mammograms.


NJC said...

Mike Hall had left his wife for another woman at the time of her diagnosis. This lady, who is still his current wife took on the role of mother to Mike's two young boys. She gave up her career and provided a happy home and love for both Mike and the family during such a sad time. Susie provided her blessing for them to grow old together. After several years married, Mike left the martial home again to be with another woman. His current wife has been diagnosed with cancer and is now batting chemotherapy on her own with no financial or emotional support from Mike. Perhaps before writing a segment you should ensure that the information is factual and truthful as this article has harmed so many.

SL said...

This is a man with no shame and no conscience.

Unknown said...

He forgets to mention Susies 2 other children from her first marriage.